To begin with my blog-work again: I’m sorry for my long absence peeps!!

I know, back then (it was 2015!!) when starting my very first, personal blog in here, I said & promised to write at least one post per week, even though I still attended school (FOS) then. But then already after a short, more active period in here, my work just stopped – without me actually wanting to end this. That’s why I’m back again guys – I  still want to continue my work in here.  I liked and enjoyed thinking & writing new posts for you and myself to also question some topics, thoughts of mine.

A new, fresh start again. That’s it what I’ll try to do!

Cause I want to inform you about my life, thoughts, troubles & those other topics named on my first page ‚Welcome to my blog‘ .

So again I want to apologise for not posting & being active on my page for longer now.

I still hope you’ll read some of my posts again and maybe even getting more members on my blog & rising attention and awareness to some important topics which mean something to me. I want you to be happy too 🙂

My homework is set I guess: keeping up with new content over a longer time now – and to not let it go like before..!

Enjoy it

Thank you


(Über Denkanstöße, Feedback, Tipps oder Kommentare bezüglich meines Blogs und meinen Posts bin und werde ich offen, bereit und dankbar sein. Nur Mut.)

Eure Elisabeth (alias Polly)


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